Adult Massage Cape Town

Adult Massage Cape Town

Adult Massage Cape Town

Adult Massage Cape Town

Bliss Clinic is an adult massage directory listing of Independant massage therapists of all persuasions for both men and women.

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Welcome to Bliss Clinic Adult Adventures,

Our team of adult masseuses are unique, each with their own special talents and quirks. It's your chance to discover what makes them special. We encourage you to express your expectations beforehand. At Bliss Clinic, we cater to those seeking a more adventurous and sensual adult massage experience and more.

Many of our female clients (30-50%) desire more from their massage but are often hesitant to voice their desires. However, those who do find that it's an incredibly satisfying experience. It's common for females to need multiple sessions to feel completely comfortable and shed their inhibitions. We strongly encourage open communication about your expectations before the session, as we're masseuses, not mind readers.

Clients who have experienced full satisfaction usually exhibit the following signals:

  1. They may moan when we massage their thighs or hips and when we ask them to open their legs, similar signals occur with male clients.

  2. Some request more attention to their lower back and point to their buttocks.

  3. Others ask for help with removing their clothing and enthusiastically get naked before getting on the massage table.

  4. Questions about how we treat male clients or inquiries about special services we offer.

  5. Some clients are direct and clearly express what they want.

During the massage, our masseuses may ask you to roll over onto your front. At this stage, the massage may involve your chest, breasts, stomach, and upper thighs, stimulating arousal through your erogenous zones.

We have regular clients who visit us weekly, biweekly, or monthly. They keep returning because they find something beneficial in our services, not because they want to pursue a romantic relationship with us. It fulfills a human need, and we aim to provide it with respect and a playful touch that makes our clients feel comfortable.

What is Kahuna Massage?

Our 60-minute sensual Kahuna massage forms the core of our adult massage offerings. It involves fluid, rhythmic motions using forearms and hands, accompanied by gentle stretches and joint rotations. The result is a dynamic, nurturing, and rhythmic experience that promotes relaxation and overall well-being through full-body strokes.

These unique massages are considered powerful forms of healing. The fluid motions used during the massage are highly effective at relieving tension, making it ideal for those looking to relax both physically and mentally.

Deep relaxation during a Kahuna massage can bring up emotions from the subconscious. Long-held traumas or buried emotions may surface, leading to emotional releases. We allow this process to happen, as it can be incredibly liberating for our clients.

Am I naked?

Yes, you are naked during the massage, which is required for the massage technique. We maintain a shame-free environment to ensure your comfort. The room is heated, so you won't get cold. Our massage therapists use generously warmed oil, and wearing undergarments would hinder the experience. It's a unique and blissful sensation that touches parts of your body rarely addressed during a massage. It's also quite a workout for our therapists due to the heated room, but it's a truly blissful experience.

Feeling an emotional shift after a Kahuna massage is normal. It can lead to significant life changes for some individuals. The strokes used during the massage involve more body-to-body and skin contact due to the technique, making it a profound experience.

Large breaths during the massage help release stagnant energy, resulting in a more transformative experience. Kahuna massage offers numerous benefits, including deep relaxation, grounding, joy, release of tension, improved energy flow, physical revitalization, and overall health improvement. It's truly life-changing, and if you're interested in this sensual massage in Cape Town, please click on the WhatsApp icon for pricing and details. Whether you want additional services involving the masseuse being naked can be discussed upon your arrival.

What type of oil do we use?

We use non-scented, water-soluble arnica oil, which easily wipes off with a towel and won't stain clothing. Arnica oil has a long history of use in treating various conditions, such as arthritis, bruises, muscular strains, and skin issues like acne. Modern research supports its traditional uses, showing that it helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Regular massages can aid in reducing inflammation and supporting overall health.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Please don't contact us days, weeks, or months in advance. Call us on the day and inquire about availability.

  • Arrive on time or 5 minutes early for your appointment.

  • Payment is required upfront, in either cash or instant EFT.

  • Shower before your appointment; it's an essential preparation.

  • Always treat our masseuses with respect.

  • Consent, negotiation, and agreement are crucial. Don't hesitate to communicate your expectations; we are open to various preferences and maintain a shame-free environment.