Kat | Massage Therapist

Discover the Secret to Bliss Clinic's Unmatched Relaxation - Straight from Master Massage Therapist Kat!

Are you exhausted, sore, and in need of deep restoration? Fed up with feeling frazzled and tense? As the top massage therapist at Bliss Clinic, I've helped hundreds reclaim their zen. But most don't know my unique methods that leave clients literally floating out the door!

It's not just my award-winning shiatsu kneading or signature Swedish stretches that transform people. I have a little-known technique that works mind over muscle to dissolve ANY knot or kink. No matter your pain level, by the end you'll feel weightless - and it only takes my magic during our sessions!

What's my secret ingredient, you ask? It's not just physical touch but emotional care that unleashes true healing. With my calming presence alone, most relax before I begin! Then through light-hearted chats and guided visualizations between maneuvers, the mind learns to release like never before.

Stressed souls leave as changed beings - and I'm finally ready to share my trademarked therapy exclusively with you. Don't believe me? Check out the 5-star reviews from grateful customers calling me "The Master of Bliss." One session and you'll know why I'm the most in-demand healer in town!

Shower Facilities:  Yes

Off-street parking:  Yes

Hours:  9am til late


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